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Queen Mattress in Burbank

Bourbon sells the south-east railway for a dollar estate that predicted the cost of the railway. The first train passed in 1874. On April 5 from the Bank of England. The storm caused by the war between Santa Fe and the South Pacific led to the fact that soon these people went to California and a group of speculators purchased the majority of Berberbank's land in 1886. For $ 250,000. According to one version, Burbank could sell its property this year due to severe drought, which led to a lack of water and herbs for its livestock. About 1,000 of their sheep were killed because of the drought. A group of Spectlivans acquired the territory formed by Providencia Land, Water and Development Company and began to cultivate the land after the founding of the new town of Burbank, and began in 1887. May 1 offer agricultural land. This city was Burbank / Walnut Avenue as the northern border, Grandview Avenue, as a southern border on the edge of the Werdugo Mountains as the eastern border and the Klayborn Avenue on the western border. 1887 The establishment of the water supply system enabled farmers to irrigate their gardens and provide a solid foundation for the development of agriculture. The original site of the new city of Borbanks has been stretched from the north to Burjba Blouard, south of Glendale, Galidale Avenue, and from the Mount Evergreen to the east, known as Wedgeborn Avenue. west.

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