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Queen Mattress in Boyle Heights

1947 Roybal lost in the elections, and then Sol Alinsky. The well-known Chicago-Jewish public figure and his company, the Industrial Refugees Foundation (IAF), have been supported by Mexican Americans for winning Roybal in the 1949 election (Bornstein, 243). When Edward Roebel began a new membership in the Los Angeles City Council in 1949, he was in racism trying to get a home for his family. The real estate agent told him that he could not sell the Mexican, and since then, Rubal's first case, as a member of the council, challenged racial discrimination and created a community that introduced the "Boolean Heights" policy. The Community Service Organization (CSO) helped Roybal to win the elections and increased the participation of the Earth's Heights (Bernstein, 224). Thus, Royal's participation in the city council has influenced the further development of Latin American politics during Bradley's presidency and future political leaders of the Boehl Heights.

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