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Queen Mattress in Beverly Hills

In the early 1930's, Santa Monica Park was renamed Beverly Gardens and expanded the whole two-pole (3 km) stretch of the City-Monica pool. The source of electricity is Sant'Anica Bulgaria's corner. and Wilshire Boulevard with a small sculpture at the top of Tongwah to pray in prayer. 1931 In April, the new Renaissance City Hall was opened in the style of Beverly Hills. In the early 1940's, black actors and businessmen began to move in Beverly Hills, despite the conditions that allowed white people to live in the city. The District Improvement Association has tried to apply the covenants in court. Among the defendants were Hattt McDonough, Louise Bell and Ethel Watt. Among the white residents, who supported the case against the black, the silent film was Harold Lloyd. NAACP took part in the defense, which succeeded. In his decision, federal judge Tymm. Clark stated that "the time has come for members of the Negro Race to give them full rights under the 14th amendment guaranteed by them without reservations or deviations." In 1948, the US Supreme Court stated that the conditions imposed on Shell Kramer were limited. A group of Jewish villagers of Beverly Hills has filed a lawsuit on the case.

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