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Queen Mattress in Atwater Village

Most of Atwater is located in the old mall of the Los Angeles River leading to deep fertile soil. According to the Los Angeles Times, Mapping LA, Atwater Village is bordered by North and East Glendale, south-east Gladel Pel, south-east Echo Park, in the south, Fallin Silver Lake. and to the west of Griffith Park. Street and other borders, the Ventura highway in the north, the San Fernando lake in the east, and the Los Angeles River in the southwest. Twenty-five percent of Atwater Park's 25-year-olds have a four-year degree in 2000, an average of around the city and the area. Atwater Village Schools. Atwater Village is located on interstate 5, SR 134 and Interstate 110 highways. It serves several metro lines, including 92, 29, 180, 181, 201 and 780.

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