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Queen Mattress in Arcadia

During more than 8000 years, Arcadia's territory was the birthplace of the Tangwei (Gabrielian tribe), the Indian Californian tribe, covering the Los Angeles Basin Basin and the San Gabriel Valley and San Fernando. Their flowing borders were stretching. The mountains of Santa Susana, the mountains of San Bernardino, and the mountains of San Gabriel in the north. The mountains of Santa Monica and the west of the Smithy Mountains, the San Xacinto mountains, and the Santa Clara mountains in the east, and the southern coast and the southern Catalina Island (Pima) in the south. In the modern Arcadia, Tongwa's settlement was known as Alupkigina (or Aluupengga). Restaurant district In 1771, the city's district became a Spanish mission to San Gabriel-Argangel. Following the deportation of the Ambassadors, the Indians of the Mission, Tongwa, was known as Gabrielinos on behalf of the mission. and under their control those people worked in California during their mission. Currently, 1,700 people are considered members of the Tongwa or Gabrielyo tribe.

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