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Queen Mattress in Altadena

The name Altadena is derived from the Spanish altha, meaning "upper" and Dana, from Pasadena, the area adjacent, but at a higher level than in Pasadena. According to the US Census Bureau, CDP has an area of only 8.7 square meters. Miles (23 km2), 99% of which is land. In the Clima Altadena hot and dry summers, the warm and windy falls. According to the Köppen Climate Classification System, Altadena has a summer Mediterranean climate that is short on Csa's climate maps. The smallest calendar year was 1983, 48.47 inches (1231.1 mm) and the hottest 1947, 5.37 inches (136.4 mm). In February 1980 the maximum precipitation was 6.70 inches (500.4 mm). The largest precipitation in 24 hours was 7.70 inches (195.6 mm), 1938. March 2. Altadena has an average of 21.09 inches (535.7 mm), with a temperature of more than 6 inches (150 mm) in Los Angeles due to cartography created by the mountains of San Gabriel. It is well-known that on the slopes of the city on which the city is built, the sewage lines of the northern part of the city are considerably crowded. 2010

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