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Canoga Park shopping mall. The request for enlargement as a petition has expanded and currently includes three more neighborhoods - two at the edge of the Chatsworth reservoir and one on the western edge of Canoga Park, the Cano Park Chamber of Commerce officially issued a split, and President William Winghough called it " and a source of dysmoria ... an extremely dangerous precedent for the Valley of San Fernando. " Public School Hal Bernson, however, said that "it was not the" Kansas City Park "strike, but just the group of people who wanted to recognize it." 1987 On January 16, Counselor Jake Piks received 3336 people or 77% of 4,333 households in his municipality and immediately announced that he would place the borders at the request of the residents in the direction of the City Transport Department. Many of the latter were hoping that the name would change the value of thousands of dollars for their possessions. Two weeks later, Picus added another two miles to Canoga Park, West Hills Fallbrook Mall and Platt Village Mall, as well as several smaller markets and several old neighborhoods built on the plains. This amendment was denied by Schiffmann who said that "he was greatly affected by the identity of the community we sought." ... no further application. I did not know it would grow. I just want to leave. Joy Peak,

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