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Plush Mattress in Tujunga

The first elections, Tugungu, combined with Los Angeles, took place in 1927. On February 15th. Voters denied this idea because of heavy rain and voted against 354 against 594. The second election, which took place in March 1930, also led to defeat. "Overwhelming". John Steven McGrard was in the committee who opposed the title "Everything for Tujunga". The Third and Recent Elections, 1932 In January, however, they ended up voting in Los Angeles, though the real transfer was postponed due to the inactivity of the state authorities. Tudjung finally abandoned his independence and joined the city in 1932. On March 8th. Tuna Canyon Prison, 1941-1943 Tuna Cancun's prison in a Tujung community in Los Angeles, California, was a temporary shelter for Japanese Americans during the Second World War. Some Italian immigrants, German Americans and Japanese Peruvian migrants. Prisoners from the place of detention were subsequently transferred to permanent detention facilities. Gravel Hole in the 1950s and 1960s

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