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Plush Mattress in Torrance

As a major oil-producing region, Torrance poured into thousands of oil wells and oil products at once. Although oil wells, as before, are not so common, most of California's petrol supplies to California are responsible for the PBF Energy privatized Torrance oil pipeline in the northern part of the city. Torrance is also an important center and maintained by the Pacific Electric Railway. Torrance has a civil airport airport that was originally referred to as "Torrance Airport", and was later renamed the Local Star of the Field Zamperini, the Hero of World War II and completed the Torrance High Louis Zamperini hero. The airport serves about 175,000 aircraft and landings (473 per day), which is less than 1974, when there were 428,000 operations. Fighting noise at the airports is a major local problem. In 2007, the Western Flight Museum moved to the Zamperini field.

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