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Plush Mattress in Sylmar

The films serve at Los Angeles Police Department's Community Police Division. On September 29, 1989, dozens of investigators at Bradley Street, 128, stole at least five police subdivisions and one of the three federal agencies and stole about 21.4 tonnes of cocaine and $ 10 million. In the history of the world, the largest seizure of drugs was estimated at 6.9 billion dollars, which is enough for 1.38 billion doses. In the 1990s, three men were convicted of drug possession. The head of the warehouse, Carlos Tappian, was sentenced to life imprisonment. He died at the age of 94. Other guilty were later convicted. Drag racing and car cruises Illegal street pull racing and car cruises have been hurt by Sylmar for many years. In 1988, police arrested a man who sent a powerful flashlight to the police helicopter that followed the road to San Fernando, not far from Roxford Street. In 1993, it was discovered that from the early 1970s a skirmish race took place, where hundreds of young people took part and that the most popular "high-speed zone" was the San Fernando Road to Balbo in Bulgaria. "Over the past two years, four have died. A young man found in a car found a car, where a family of four, who killed his mother and wounded his husband and two children. An accident took place on the 118nd road that killed three people, all of whom were former members of the secondary school at Sycamore, had been given a probation period and that he had to spend 250 hours talking to others about his crime.

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