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Plush Mattress in Reseda

Country Club Reseda, known as the Boogie Nights, was a rock band in Los Angeles and a famous concert hall during the 1980's new wave scenes. In 1980-1982, the country club at the crossroads of Canby Avenue and Sherman Way hosted groups such as Oingo Boingo, U2, cultural club, Tom Petty and Heartbreakers and Roxy Music. as one of the first drugstore stores in San Fernando Valley, it has become a nightclub and has remained a dance hall and music scene in the 1990s. It was also used as a boxing place. The site was later on, and after that, the Spanish-speaking church remained. The Reseda Theater, 18443 Sherman Way, was built in 1948 and was closed in 1988. The appearance was briefly seen in the movie Boogie Nights (1997) by Mark Wahlberg and Burt Reynolds.

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