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plush mattress in northeast los angeles

Stress and its consequences

Stress affects 7 out of 10 Slovaks. The number of people with mental disorders is also increasing year by year. So can the mattress act anti-stress, can it somehow help us to fight stress?

Some mattress models from Materasso have truly stress-reducing properties and its consequences! Their special technology and superbly selected flavor-enriched covers actively reduce stress during the night! The user wakes up relaxed, relaxed, full of life and willing to face challenges. It is a cure for today's rush, nervousness and excessive duties.

Pena Lavender and AventO2 - a soothing scent of lavender

Lavender has been known for generations as a plant with a beneficial effect on our psychophysical balance. The smell of this flower soothes and reduces the level of stress. It helps in silencing and quiet sleep. Her scent, which we breathe in at night, provides us with a balanced, undisturbed sleep. Lavender also has antibacterial and insect repellent effects.

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