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Plush Mattress in Burbank

1942 On May 26, the State Railways of California proposed to extend the extension of the Berbank line to Lokide Plant. The offer included the creation of a railway line from Glenoaks to Lake San Fernando at Areni crossing. and north-west of the main object of Le'phed, the road to the empire. However, that expansion did not occur, and the commission moved to other projects in the San Fernando Valley. Birrbank's red line was abandoned and abandoned in 1956. City Marshall Office changed in 1923 Berberian Police Department. The first Chief of Police was George Cole, who subsequently became acting US Treasurer. In 1928, Burbank was one of the first 13 cities to join in one of the world's largest water suppliers in the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. It contrasted with other communities in the San Fernando valley that brought water through Los Angeles's political annexation. In 1937, the first Hoover dump was distributed to Berberbank's own terminals. The city bought about 55% of water. Burbank

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