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Plush Mattress in Altadena

There are several hiking trails in the Altadena, including the Rasvor mine, which leads you to the western part of Cheney's trail. The destinations, which are painted on a large stone, travel to tourists. Cobb Estate at the top of Lake Avenue is now a free forest park, run by the US Forest Service. It maintains its historic gateway, which can easily be avoided by visitors and allow tourists to have a long, winding asphalt road to the place that has ever been one of Alenna's main mansions. This site is also located next to the Sam Merrill Trail, which leads to Las Flores Gorge on the Echo Mountain. Farnsworth Park, located on Laugh Avenue, is a large park that offers banquets, playgrounds, club house and amphitheater. It was listed in 1997 in the National Historic Sites Register.

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