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Pillow Top Mattress in West Hills

City Council member So called "sealing", the other areas tried to invade West Hills, one of the hosts in Piazza, Santa Susana says residents want to "separate from the canoe bag element". Consultant Hal Bernson has agreed to increase the number of 423 families in the south of Rasco Blouder in southern South Africa, on the North Parthenia Street, on the East Avenue and on the Topanaga Canyon in the East, though Roscoe and the Topang Canyon trade north-western corner should stay in the Canadian park. These supplements meant that almost half of the former Canoeing Park had to be part of a new Western Hill. Nevertheless, West Hills demanded to continue. 1987 The community meeting planned for August 31 had to be repeated the evening when about four hundred people gathered at the Fallbrook shopping center hall to determine where the final border should be. The subsequent event captured three hundred. The survey was carried out between the Tunc Canyon Bulvard and the newly renamed West Hillson area, between about 8,500 residents in the Woodlake and Platt avenues to choose the eastern border. Over a hundred demonstrators gathered in front of Picus's office to protest against any expansion of West Hills, saying, "No, no, we will not grow." But the other residents were walking around cars caravans, shouting from the megaphone and slipping signs, Fallbrook. Finally, Picus made a controversial decision to move West Hillson's eastern border from Platt and Woodlake to Shoap Avenue, which would not.

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