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Pillow Top Mattress in Sierra Madre

Current members of the municipality: The mayor and the mayor of Pro Timor are turning into five members. There are small restaurants and shops in the center of Sierra Madrara. Sierra Madre hosts a local parade dedicated to Independence Day and three days a year. The date of the parade differs year by year, depending on the day when the holiday is a holiday. Residents love it as "Star-shiny weekend". During the festival, the ancient tradition of flooding canals was thrown to "an egg" for throwing an ambulance and audience. Concerts, food and game stalls and beer beer everywhere are part of the weekend without weekends. Lower and Upper Sierra Madre canyons are in the northern and northeastern parts of the city. These small communities are known for their narrow and flooded roads, lush vegetation, views of the San Gabriel valley and small resorts or homes. The Baile Canyon Wildlife Park has these resources and tourist routes are available. Sierra Madera's zoo, trace of wildlife and wildlife trail. In the park there is a native vegetable belt, picnic, barbecue and barbecue rings.

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