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Pillow Top Mattress in Rosemead

The local government has been holding elections for four years over the years. The council elects a community leader for the post of community head within one year. Margaret Clark, Steven Lee and Sandra Artem In March, elections were held. 2011 year In March, Garry Taylor, who served for 37 years in the city council, resigned after serving for the mayor's fourth term. At that time, Stephen Li became mayor and mayor of time Sandra Armana. Polly Lowe was re-elected, and formerly Rosemid Planning Commission member William Ardon as the second member of the City Council. In 2013, Margaret Clark, Steven Lee and Sandra Armen again held the elections. On March 5th. The city council of Rosemed will spend the first Tuesday after March the first Monday of the strange years. The city has recently canceled city council elections in November 2017 because there were not enough candidates to compete with officials.

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