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Pillow Top Mattress in Pasadena

Pasadena has an average of 21.24 inches (539.5 mm) of rain, which is about 6 inches (150 mm) higher than in Los Angeles as a result of the mapping created by the mountains of San Gabriel. The biggest "yearly rain" in 1940 From July to 1941 June was 46.32 inches (1176.5 mm), and in 1960, From July to 1961 June is 7.18 inches (182.4 mm). Wet years are usually associated with the warm waters of the El Niño, east of the Pacific Ocean, and the dry years are the conditions of La Nina's cold water. In February 1980 the maximum precipitation was 6.70 inches (500.4 mm). The largest precipitation in 24 hours was 7.70 inches (195.6 mm), 1938. March 2. It is known that the snow is at the foot of the mountains of San Gabriel. sometimes falling in the passage. The earliest snow in Pasadena's history took place in 1949. On January 11, 8 inches (0.20m) fell into the Pasadena City Hall, and the top fields fell from the city to more than 14 inches (0.36 m). The last snowfall in Pasadena in 2019 On February 21, it was 1 inches (0.03 m).

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