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Pillow Top Mattress in Pacoima

In the early 1950s and early 1960s, when the largest housing construction and population growth in Pacoima, the majority of the population worked in construction, factory and other activities. In 1994 the situation changed, and many people worked at Pacoima at local factories. 1990-1994 The college has cut more than 8,000 jobs at its factory in the city of Berberbank in California. General Motors closed its Van Nuys plant in 1992 and lost 2,600 jobs. Timothe Williams of the Los Angeles Times in 1994 wrote: "Over the years, these relatively high-paid jobs have shifted from families to homes in San Fernando's gardens and from the public housing complexes at Van Ness Pierce Park apartments. After losing jobs, many long-time residents of Pacoima abandoned the area. 1990 In the US census, Pacoima's unemployment rate was almost 14%, while Los Angeles's unemployment rate was 8.4%. Many Pacoima employees earn less than $ 14,000 a year. The US Government's poverty line for four families. Many residents were their homes. Juicy Couture, a garment company, was founded in Pacoima.

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