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Pillow Top Mattress in Monrovia

In the US House of Representatives, Monrovia is divided between the District of California's 27th Congress, represented by Democratic Judy Chu and the 32nd Congressional District of California, which represents Democrat Grace Napolitano. The Department of Health in Los Angeles operates at the Monrovia Health Center in Monrovia. Monrovia Public Schools Public schools operate in one school district. Monrovia high school was built in 1887. He was there in the Monroe school and placed it in the entire corps of the pupils of elementary and secondary school. 1905 A new high school was built, which currently occupies the Clitton High School, and in 1912, the expansion of new buildings was significantly expanded. In 1928, a secondary school was built to serve the communities of Monrovia, Arcadia and Duarte. Currently, the same institution serves only Monrovia students since 1961. Primary and high school districts were combined into one district. Currently, the district has one high school, one high school, two high schools and five elementary schools.

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