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When should we eat the last meal?

Theoretically, you need to eat before 9 pm, but some are asleep while others are just "starting". Therefore, it is important that we eat the last meal for at least two hours before going to sleep. We will not overcome bedtime. There is nothing worse than lying down with a full stomach.

Hot chocolate, which contains more than 70% cocoa, "good" carbohydrates and "good" fats will certainly not hurt. A cup of warm milk at bedtime is also suitable. In fact, the milk components promote the formation of melatonin, which regulates the daily cycle. If we create the right evening menu, we get a rest, relax and sleep in the morning.

In addition to the right diet, remember that sleep depends largely on what we sleep on, ie from the mattress and pillow. Helpful advice can be provided by specialist mattress shop staff. Materasso cooperates with highly specialized shops with perfect service, which guarantees maximum satisfaction with the purchased products.

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