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Memory Foam Mattress in Sierra Madre

In 1981, Sierra Madrara celebrated the 100th anniversary of its establishment, except for the Centennial of the King's Creed and a special historical dinner and a trip to Western Pacific Electric on a holiday weekend. 1983 On February 28 Queen Elizabeth visited the British House and welcomed every resident of a small town. 1999 In April, the Vayots Dzor veterans' memorial complex, designed by Liv Vatanabe, was dedicated to the Memorial Park. The last story In 2003, a project to build an apartment for the old residents was carried out on the Eperianne Avenue. The affordable housing project includes 46 apartments designed by PBWS Architects and developed by the Quality Housing Foundation. Later, at the memorial, the wall of the veteran's photos was consecrated by John Jriyeva. In 2007, Sierra Meja celebrated its centenary as a city of California. Sierra Madre also won the All-American League of America's City Award. In the same year, the First World War rifle was restored in Memorial.

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