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Memory Foam Mattress in Sawtelle

In 2009, Los Angeles Times "Mapping LA" presented the following statistics on Sottel districts: Population: 35,844; Average income - $ 57,710. Police Service and Crime The Los Angeles Police Department operates at the West Los Angeles Community Police Station, which serves as a 1675 Bitllar Avenue, 90025. Gang activities exist in this area, though declining in the last decade. The Sotel 13 brigade announced about Park Stoner and its surrounding community since the 1950s, and the area is still visible with gross graphite. Social transport. At present, the area is served by Los Angeles suburban bus buses, however, as in many cases the Westside, the big blue Santa Monica buses and the green Culver CityBus buses provide the lion's share of the bus transport. Savtel neighborhood is served at the Expo Line Bundy station.

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