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Memory Foam Mattress in San Fernando

At the end of the 1970s, the east-west highway was proposed SR 64, which was proposed to cross the canyon center at the western end of the valleys, from Calabasas to the east of Los Angeles, at the SR-170 and I-5 intersections in the Sundine Valley. valleys, but the local opposition has gained momentum and the proposed highway has never been built or built. The pop culture of San Fernando Valley is known as the "valley". In the 1980s, the original culture of the caves was mentioned in media, particularly in 1982 by Frank Zappa. The song "The Girl in Paradise" and the movie "Paradise Girl" in 1983. This contributed to strengthening the social-economic stereotype of the "horse's girl" in public consciousness, including clear focus on the valley. Earthquake at Northridge in 1994 The earthquake took place on January 17 and reached 6.7 points. It created the largest movements in the ever-registered urban environment and the first earthquake the hypocenter was located right under the American city of 1933. After a long lake earthquake. In 1906, after the earthquake in San Francisco, the United States suffered the biggest damage. Although the epicenter was called Northridge, it was located in the Rezidian community, between the Arminta and Inomar Streets, on the west of Mount Rasen. The number of dead has reached 57, and more than 1,500 have been seriously injured. A few days after the earthquake, 9,000 homes and businesses had no electricity, and 20,000 without gas. and more than 48,500 have little or no water. Nearly 12,500 buildings have been damaged by moderate severity, resulting in thousands leaving homeless. Of the 66,546 buildings surveyed, 6 were seriously injured (marked with red), and 17 percent moderately damaged (marked yellow). In addition, several major Los Angeles motorways damaged the transport system during the day after the earthquake. The main damage to the highway occurred 25 km from the epicenter. 11 major road sections in Los Angeles have been shut down and other serious damages.

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