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Mattresses in Valley Village

Encodings: 34 ° 09'54 "N 118 ° 23'47" e / 34.16488 °. 118.39650 DEG / 34.16488; Los Angeles Valley Village Los Angeles, located in the San Fernando Valley. Established by Valley Valley Household Association Co-Chair Ecke Garmman, Valley Valley's story began in the 1930s when the film studio workers built houses. The local post office has canceled all the letters with the Valley Village postage stamp at Magnolia Boulevard. This, however, was the official part of North Hollywood. The idea of dividing North Hollywood from the River Valley from North Hollywood was introduced to the public in 1985. In December, at the meeting of about 300 homeowners at an elementary school in Kolfaks Avenue, but only in 1991, Valley Village has received seven new blue reflective marks. From the city of Los Angeles to its boundaries.

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