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Mattresses in Tarzana

Los Angeles County, California, USA Tarzan / T ɑːr z æ n ë / The area of San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, California. Tarzan is located on the site of former Farmer Edgar Rice's former farmer. It is called the fictional hero of the Burroughs Tarzan jungle. Tarzan, now known as Tarzan, was occupied by Spanish dwellers and missionaries in 1797, which created the mission of San Fernando. Later, as a result of Mexican absorption, this country moved to the United States in 1848 under the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty after the Mexican war. According to the US Charter, it turned into a major local livestock belonging to the local elite. Investors took over in the 1870s, turning grazing areas into a large wheat economy. The area was acquired in 1909 by Suburbah Homes, Los Angeles. La Taime's founder and publisher, General Harrison Gray Otis, has invested in the company and has acquired 550 acres (2.2 km2) at the modern Tarzana center.

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