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Mattresses in South Carthay

Los Angeles County in California (US) South Carthay is a district in the center of Los Angeles, California. South Carthay, south of the Carey region, was developed by Spyros George Ponty in the 1930s. The area is confined to the north by the Olympic Boulevard, west of La Sienega Boulevard, south of Pico Boulevard and east of the Crescent Heights Boulevard. South Cartay becomes 1922 On February 28, the city of Los Angeles. The residential building of the area began in the early 1930s on the land that had previously been developed by Ralph's products. Greek cultivator Spyros George Ponty has worked with architect Alan Röof on the design of 147 Mediterranean houses in the region. While the constructor's influence is in Westwood, Norwalk, Beverly Hills, southern center, Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley, Spanish colonial renaissance homes are one of his earliest legacy in South Carolina.

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