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Mattresses in San Marino

The city is California, USA San Marino is a residential town in Los Angeles, California, USA. It was registered on April 25, 1913. San Marino is one of the most expensive and exclusive communities in the United States, making $ 2,431,900. Name The city has received its name from the ancient republic of San Marino, founded by St. Mary, who left her home in Dalmatia (modern Croatia) during the persecution of Christian Diocletian. Marin found refuge in Italy's Monte Titano, where he built a chapel and founded a monastic community in 301 BC. The state that left the monastery is the oldest surviving republic in the world. The city of San Marino, California, has been stamped with a stamp of the country depicting three towers in San Marino, each with a bronze pin, surrounded by a heart-shaped belt, two tops and a bomber (unidentified) above. The crown representing the original monarch was replaced by five stars, representing five members of the governing body of the city. Under the seal of the city, the leaves of the shore and the orange branches flow.

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