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Mattresses in San Fernando

Large densely populated valley in Los Angeles County, California, USA. The San Fernando Valley is surrounded by the surrounding slopes of mountains surrounded by Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, California's urban development gorge in Los Angeles County. It is 1.77 million people, located in the north of the largest and densely populated area of Los Angeles. Almost two-thirds of the horizontal lands are part of the city of Los Angeles. The other cities of the river are Glendale, Berbank, San Fernando, Hidden Hills, and Calabasas. The San Fernando Valley is approximately 260 square kilometers (670 km 2) connecting Northwest of Santa Susanna mountains, northwest of Smith's Hills, Santa Monica and Mel Hills, south of Mount Verdugo, in the north-east of Gabriel. The northern mountains of Sierra Pelano, the Western Topatopa mountains, the southern Santa Ana mountains and skyscrapers in the center of Los Angeles are visible from the higher frontiers of the San Fernando Valley, passing through and in the park.

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