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Mattresses in Playa Del Rey

Los Angeles County, California, USA. Playa del Rey (translated from the Spanish "King's Beach" or "King's Beach") is a rich coastal community in Westside, Los Angeles, California. It has 90293 postal code and 310 and 424 phone numbers. The population of Playa del Rey (90293 postal code) has been 12,129 people since 2014. Since 2000, the country's population has grown by 14.61%. Playa del Rey is a coastal area and area of Los Angeles. Rolling hills are the result of old, windy, compacted sand doves that rise above sea level at a height of 38 meters, originally touched and often referred to as Del Rey Hills or Rocks. These peaks run parallel to the beach, from Plaza de Rey, south to Palos Verdes. The community borders the Pacific Ocean to the west, Marina del Rey and Ballona Creek north, Ballon wetlands and Playa Vista to the east, Westchester east, to the international airport in Los Angeles and El Segundo in the south.

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