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Mattresses in Pasadena

The city is in California, USA. Pasadena is a Los Angeles city, 10 km from the center of Los Angeles. The population of Pasadena in 2017 is estimated at 142,647, making it the 183th largest city in the United States. Pasadena is the ninth largest city in the Los Angeles area. Pasadena was registered in 1886. On June 19, becoming the city of Los Angeles (April 4, 1850), becoming one of the first cities to join the Los Angeles County. This is one of the main cultural centers of the San Gabriel valley. The city is famous for the Rose Bowl football game and the hosting of the Rose Parade Tournament. Additionally, many scientific and cultural institutions are located in Pasadena, California Technological Institute, Pasaden College, Fuller Church, Art Center, Pasadena Design College, Embassy Hall, Norton Simon Museum and Pacific Museum.

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