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Mattresses in Pacoima

Los Angeles County in California, USA Paco is one of the oldest in the northern part of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. He is known as rock and roll pianist Ritchie Wales and muralists Judy Buck (Los Angeles Great Wall Creator) and Levy Pons (Richie Walesa's "The Day The Music Died"). The location of Pacoima is bordered by Arakel Hills in Los Angeles, Arleta in the south, on the south-east coast, in the north-east from Lake Sierra, north of San Fernando. It covers an area of 7.14 square miles. The urban landscape of Los Angeles Times Ed Magner wrote in 1955 that in the northern part of San Fernando Street in Parkoim, the 110-block block consists of what he describes as a "stroke" on which the sling, the crushed bases, and the surrounding streets and confusion old wires, stolen cars, bottles, rusty water heater and other back slippers. " In 1955, Pacoime dropped cracks, hanging sidewalks and intricate streets. Pacoima was what Meeger called "dusty roads and scattered dirty roads that turn into heavy rains on the bed for bad flows." Later, 450 dwelling houses, inhabited by 2,000, were dug in dependence on populated settlements. He described most of the houses as "standard". In 1955, the price of residential real estate rose at a price, since the series sold a few years ago were sold for $ 800 for $ 800 in 1955. 1950-1955 The value of the Van Nouve Boulevard real estate has grown six times. 1952 In the end, the Los Angeles City Council permitted the Construction and Security Department to demolish the cleaning project to force homeowners whose homes were considered to be inaccurate, for repair, demolition or discharge. In the beginning of 1955, the city started a $ 500,000 project, adding 9 miles (14 km) to the sidewalks and streets. Megach said that the "cleanness and purity" of the new infrastructure is "a problem for households that are indifferent to the roads in the depths of the bow or dust." Some of the region's entrepreneurs are traded in San Fernando Valley by the Trade and Savings Bank in 1953. In November, they have been set up to finance land restoration projects, and other banks have repeatedly refused to provide loans to these projects.

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