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Mattresses in North Hills

Los Angeles County, California, USA North Hills is a community center in the Northern Fountain of San Fernando, as well as in Los Angeles, California. Originally, the North Hills was a rural community known as Missionary Acre. After the Second World War, the newly-created community was renamed Sepoulla. It was renamed Northern Hills in the late 1990s. North bridge is west, Panorama City to the east, Van Nouvea to the southeast, and Granada mountains to the north. The main highways include Sepulveda Boulevard and Roscoe Boulevard; Havenhurst, Woodley and Haskell avenues; Streets Lassen, Plummer and Nordhoff. The northern hills are confined to the west by Balbo and Bulk Krik ("laundry"), to the north of Devonshir and Lassin streets, to Pacoim in the east and to the south-west of Roscoe Bulgaria.

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