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Mattresses in MidCity West

Mid-City West is hosted by the Mid City West Community Council in the western part of the central Los Angeles area. It covers the area. The area is the western city of Hollywood in the north. Beverly Hills and South Robertson Picot-Robertson in the West; PICO spaces South Cartay, Cartay Square, Chaps and Redondo Sycamore in the South; and Great Wilshire's territories are Melrose, Citrus Square, La Brea-Hancock, and Western Sikamor Square. Most of the city center is in Wilshire community planning and is located in the northern part of Rosewood Avenue in the Hollywood area plan. Famous nicknames for the area are Midtown or Mid-city. The Middle East's Nearest Neighborhood The Middle East's population (according to 2006) was about 47,000. Racial makeup was 74.78% white, 4.74% black, 0.24% in India and Alaska, 10.49% in Asia, 0.06% in Hawaii and other Pacific Islands, 2.08% other tribes, 3.78% two or more tribes, and 6.22% Spanish or Latino : Borders and MCW Maps Big Wilshire - Maps ^ Neighborhood Council PICO map (showing neighbor associations) ^ Wilshire Neighborhood Tips

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