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Mattresses in Lake Balboa

Lalla Balbo's Los Angeles area is the region of San Fernando Valley, California, Los Angeles. The "official recognition" of the Balbo Lake was held in Los Angeles as a community. 2006 In January, the official name for the community name was adopted in Los Angeles (Los Angeles City Council N ° 02-0196). This debate had an important impact on the official existence of many other Los Angeles communities, which had existed since January 2006. These communities include Arlet, North Hills, Ranch Porter, Valley Glen, Valley Village, West Hills, Winnetka and many others. 2000 In the United States, the population census was calculated at 24,328 residents in the Balbo Lake area with a 3.13 square meter area. Mills or 7,754 square miles per square mile, which is approximately equivalent to the average population density. In 2008, the city calculated that the population had reached 26,195. In 2000, the average age of the population was 35 years, which is the average of the city and district districts, but the percentage of people aged 35 to 49 years was the highest in the region.

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