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Mattresses in Highland Park

Los Angeles Neighborhoods in Los Angeles, California, USA The Highland Park is a historic district in the north-east of Los Angeles. It was one of the first Los Angeles subdivisions and now it is populated by different ethnic and socio-economic groups. The 2000 American census had a population of 56,566 in the 3.42-square-mile area, the average square mile of 16,835, which is one of the highest gravity in Los Angeles. In 2008, the city calculated that the population had grown to 60 841 towns. The average age of the residents was 28 years, taking into account that the city is young. The range is diverse with ethnic diversity. The beak was Hispanic, 72.4%; Asians - 11.2%; black - 2.4%, white - 11.3%; and others 2.6%. Mexico (55.3%) and El Salvador (12.0%) were the most common births 57.8% of people born abroad, which is considered to be urban compared to urban level.

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