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Mattresses in Hermosa Beach

City of California, California Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles County, California, USA. His population at the US Census in 2010 was 19506. The city is located in the southern part of the Greater Los Angeles Baille, this is one of three beach towns. Hermos Beach is bordered by two others - Manhattan's beach from the north and south-east of Redondo Beach. The city beach is famous for its sunny beach, beach volleyball, traveling, kayaking, bars, cycling and running. The city is expanding from just 15 blocks east of the west and 40 blocks from north to south, and passes through the corridor to the Pacific Ocean. The average temperature of the Hermosa Ocean in the Pacific is 70 ° F (22 ° C) in the summer and 55 ° F (13 ° C) in the winter. The western seaside valleys reduce the high summer temperatures in Los Angeles and other parts of the region and help the atmosphere 360 days a year.

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