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Mattresses in Hancock Park

Los Angeles County, California, USA. Hancock Park is a historic and rich residential area in central Los Angeles, CA. It has many private houses starting from the beginning of the 20th century. Many famous people are known here. Hancock Park is a private golf club. Built in the 1920s, this area is characterized by unique architecture. The area has a low concentration of 70.7% of white, highly educated elderly people with a population of more than 10,600. The majority of the residents are at home. There are four private and two state schools in this area. The Hancock Park was developed by the Hancock family in 1919 with a profit of oil drilling in the former Rancho La Brea. The area is losing to philanthropist George Allan Hankok, who divided the property in the 1920s. Hancock, born and raised in the house where La Brea is now, inherited 4,400 acres (18 sq. Km), whose father, Henry Henk Henk, acquired the property of Rancho La Brea to the family?

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