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Mattresses in Fox Hills

Coordinates: 33 ° 58'59 "118 ° 23'14" e / 33.98308 °. 118.3873 DEG / 33.98308; -118.3873 Location California, US Fox Hills is a California region of California, California. It is approximately triangular and bordered by the West Slaughter Avenue, in the south, Inglewood, the San Diego highway in the southwest, and the state of Cantlerbye in the southwest. Fox Hills joined Culver City in 1964 when it was not constructed from developed land, stables and golf courses. In the 1970's, the area was built with flats, condominiums and Fox Hills Mall shopping center, which was opened in 1975. Fox Hills's Fox Hills Park, located at the crossroads of Green Valley Wharf and Buckingham Boulevard. The ten acres of the park include a playground, a basketball court, a football field, a tennis court, a racetrack, a banquet space, a barbeque and a toilet.

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