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Mattresses in Elysian Park

Los Angeles County, California, USA Elysian Park in Los Angeles, California, covering the Chavez Canyon, with more than 2,600 inhabitants. In addition, the city's park, Dodger Stadium, Catholic High School, Elementary School, and Los Angeles Police Academy are also nearby. The south-east corner of the park is located next to the Los Angeles River, where the Portola expedition gave its name to the river in 1769. The first Europeans, seeing the Hellenic Republic of California, are located on this place on August 2, and the historic 655th (California) Portolá Trail Campsite is at the entrance to the Meadow Road. The park is the second park in Los Angeles, about 600 hectares (2.4 km / h). It is also the oldest park in the city founded in 1886 with the law on the Elizian Park resolution. It took part in a series of contemporary benton competitions for the Summer Olympics in 1932, filming and shooting. In 1964, the Elisei Wildlife Rescue Committee was set up to prevent the construction of a 62 hectare (250,000 m2) gardening center in Los Angeles.

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