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Mattresses in Eagle Rock

Coordinates: 34 ° 08'20 "N 118 ° 12'47" e / 34.13889 °. 118.21306 DEG / 34.13889; -118.21306 Los Angeles County California, USA Eagle Rock is a north-eastern part of Los Angeles, located between Glendale and Pasadena, California, near the San Rafael Mountain in Los Angeles. a large rock, whose shade is like an eagle with extended wings. Eagle Rock was once a Rancho San Rafael, led by the governor of Spain and Mexico. In 1911, Eagle Rock was incorporated as a city, and in 1923, it merged with Los Angeles. Today, it is ethnically diverse, with a relatively high income, known as the West College home and an element of education among more than 34,000 people. Eagle Rock maintains a number of historic buildings and is associated with the film industry.

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