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Mattresses in Chinatown

The Quinatown District of Los Angeles is located in the center of Los Angeles, California, which in 1938 became a trading center for Chinese and other Asian businesses in the center of Los Angeles. In this area there is a restaurant, shop and art gallery, as well as a low-dwelling area, with an estimated population of about 20,000. The original Chinatown was designed at the end of the 19th century, but it was demolished for the Land Transport Center in the center of the Union Station. A separate commercial center, known as New Chaynatau, was opened in 1938 for business. Street and natural boundaries in the Canadian district: North Bodrie Avenue, Stadium, North Brodway; east, river los angeles; and south-west, Cesar Chavez Avenue. Chinatown is surrounded by a business center outside the Northwest Elizian Park, Lincoln Heights in the east, southwest of the center, west of Echo Park.

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