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Mattresses in Canoga Park

Los Angeles Canoa Park is located in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California, near the state of California. More than 60,000 inhabitants are considered ethnically diverse. Before the Mexican American War, the area was part of the farm, and after the victory in America it turned into wheat farms, then divided into parts, some of which were called Owensmut, a city founded in 1912. 1931 March 1 was renamed Keno Park, by the efforts of local civic leader Marie Lao Orctite. American pre-school history Modern Canoga Park's territory was the native of the Native Americans-Tongva-Fernandeno and Chumash-Vandurano, who lived in Smith's Mountains and in the streams of the Los Angeles River. They were selling in the northern valley of the Tataviam-Fernandegno people. Native American civilizations lived on the field for about 8000 years. Their culture has come to Burro Flats Cave.

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