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Mattresses in Calabasas

The city is in California, USA. Calabasas is located in the San Fernando Valley valley in California, California, in the north-west of Santa Monica Mountains, in Voodland Hills, Agoura Hills, West Hills, Hidden Hills, and Malibu, California. From the census of 2010, the urban population was 2358, compared with 20,033 in the 2000 census. The city was officially registered in 1991. Leonis Adobe, Calabasas's Old Town, is in 1844 and is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Greater Los Angeles. It is generally accepted that the name Calabasas is derived from Spanish Calabase, meaning "pumpkin", "pumpkin" or "pumpkin" (kalabas). Some historians adhere to the theory that Calabasas comes from the Chumash word calahoosa, which says "where the wild goose fly". Due to the wide presence of wild embryonic plants in the area, the theory of sovereignty often spreads among the terrain. The legend is that in 1824, 1824, The Oxkard Basque Farm was flooded in Los Angeles, in the eastern part of Las Vegas, with the caps at the top of Calabasas. Next spring, hundreds of pumpkin seeds smoke along the road. The area was called Las Calabasas, where the nuts fell.

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