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Mattresses in Bell Canyon

Location in California, USA Bell Canyon is an anonymous community in the eastern US-state of Ventura in the United States. Bell Canyon is a closed community in Simi Hills, the main entrance to the city of Los Angeles, the West Hills and the western San Fernando Valley. Bell Canyon is at a height of 1368 feet (417 meters). According to the 2010 Census, the Bell Canyon population was 2,049. For statistical purposes, the US Census Bureau called Bell Canyon a census preliminary registration (CDP). Definition of the census area can not correspond to the local perception of the area of the same name. 2016 According to the survey, Bell Canyon is the seventh richest community in California, with an average annual income of $ 230,000. But revenue in this area usually exceeds millions of dollars. Until the 20th century, the Indigenous Americans lived in BC. about 8,000 years ago. Chumas was in the village of Huam, here in Beck Creek Gorge, at the top of Escorpion. It was a multifaceted world in which the peoples who lived, lived and sold in tongues and alliances. Nearby is the cave of Burro Flats Painted. Escorpion Peak (also known as Castle Peak) is one of the nine plains in the Chumas area and is considered to be a natural equilibrium.

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