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Mattresses in Atwater Village

Los Angeles's Atwater Village is a diverse neighbor of California, the 13th district of Los Angeles. Most Atwater Village is located in the fertile mall of the Los Angeles River. Located in the north-eastern part of the city, Atwater sets Griffit Park and the western slopes Silver Lake, north and east Glendale, and the DeXel Park. There are three main schools in the district: two states and one private. Almost half of the residents were born abroad, with a high percentage in Los Angeles. Most of the northeastern part of Los Angeles was part of Rancho San Rafael until 1868, when parts were acquired by WCB Richardson, renamed Rancho Santa Eulalia. In 1902 the whole region was divided and sold for home builders, as part of the Atmuu village was called because of the rapprochement of the Los Angeles River. The area was originally called "Atwater" and the "village" was added in 1986.

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