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Mattresses in Arlington Heights

Los Angeles County California, USA Arlington Heights in Los Angeles, California is a densely populated neighborhood where many residents live in rented homes or apartments. Within the limits of its borders, the Land Club's historical park coincides. There is a technology center for adults, two high schools, three other schools and the public library. Arlington Heights is surrounded by the North Corpus, the Harvard fragments in the east, Jefferson Park in the southwest, and Mid Mid West. Neighborhood is bordered by North Olympic Avenue, Grammer in the east, southwest of Santa Monica highway, and west on the beach of Kronshaw. The US 2000 census had 22,096 inhabitants, a 1.03 square mile area, on average 21,423 people per square mile, which is one of the highest levels of the population. According to the city's calculations, the population in 2008 reached 23,330. The average age of the residents was 31 years, which is the average of the city and region.

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