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Mattress Store in West Hills

Location West Hills (formerly Canoga Park) is located in the western part of Los Angeles's San Fernando Valley (SFV) and approximately 30 minutes (depending on the traffic) from the center of Los Angeles. It is located on Ventura 101, Valley-Circle Highway, Mallholland Highway. Los Angeles Mapping According to the Los Angeles Times 2008, the West Hills is surrounded by the Chatsworth reservoir in the north, Canoga Park in the east, south of Woodland Hills in the south, Hidden Hills, and more. Canyon in the Venturus County. Borders of the Neighborhood Council in 1987 Los Angeles learned a description of the borders of the West Hills Neighborhood: Starting from the central point of Nangbro, the Tangang gorge and the crossroads of the Nordhof street in the west, straight to the city's borders. Los Angeles City; south of it, on the central line of Victory Beach along the border of Los Angeles; from the east to the center of the center of the Victory landscape central avenue. from the north to the center of Avenue Show at the crossroads of Roscoe Boulevard. from east to west, to the central line of Roscoe Boulevard to the center of this avenue of the Tangang gorge. and then the center of the Tanang Gorge, which is north-west, to the center of Nordhof. Water Resources:

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