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Mattress Store in Venice

The founder of Venice, called "Venice in America," was founded by 1905 as cigarette millionaire Abbot Qinni, a beach resort located 23km east of Los Angeles. In 1891, he and his partner, Francis Ryan bought a two-mile (3.24 km) coastline from the southeast of Santa Monica. They built a resort town in the northern tip called Ocean Park, which is soon joined by Santa Monica. After the death of Ryan Kinny and his new colleagues, they continued to build south of the Nave Street. After breaking out of the deal in 1904, Kinny, who won the southern European Cup with his former neighbors, began to build a beach resort similar to the Italian city of the same city. : When in 1905, On July 4, Kenny opened a few kilometers of canal for Venice in America, demolished her benches in her dwelling, built a 1200 foot (370 m) walk, with the audience, the ship's restaurant and dance hall, built hot salty water and built a long-term business with Venetian architecture. - the street. Kinney hired artist Felix Pepano to design the pillars of buildings. There are a few people in the capital, formed by a local girl named Kinnie and Natty Buk.

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