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Mattress Store in Valley Village

Los Angeles Times correspondent James Kinn wrote that Valley Village has no intention of contacting North Hollywood, "a community that has grown old, severely Spanish and persecuted", but the same article, according to Valley Village leader Tom Patterson, not only spoke of real estate an attempt to raise value "and that" it has nothing to do with ethnic demography. " Instead, he said: "It was one of the economic levels, seeking to have a identity identity." Quinn says villas in the silent-covered streets are worth up to $ 800,000, and the entrance to the two bedrooms and two bathrooms costs about $ 300,000. By real estate agents, somewhere in North Hollywood, this entry-level home can be purchased with as little as $ 150,000. The lower house is likely to dominate the dusty yard and gangsters scattered around the crime scene, graffiti, blocks, and road signs. "Stucco Mountains"

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